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Water Spell by Celesta1805 via deviantart

This spell is intended to open the self to a broader sense of possibility & initiate the expression of the goals you find there.

You will need: a lit candle & some incense for your altar; an unlit blue, white or silver candle; a blue stone; a jar of Sacred Water; a pen; two pieces of paper; a pin

  • Set your space in the way that feels comfortable to you with the spell components on an altar space in the centre.
  • Hold the stone in your hands & dream of your best self. Send this vision of you down through your nervous system & into your stone. Place it on your altar.
  • Remove the lid from the jar of Sacred Water & hold it in your hands. Dream of your hearts desire & send this dream from your heart through your blood & into the jar of Sacred Water. Place it on the altar
  • Consider your best self & your hearts desire. Take a piece of paper & write 5 “I will…” statements with these dreams in mind. Write this same list onto the second piece of paper. Burn one list & add its ash to the jar of Sacred Water.
  • Add the blue stone to the Sacred Water & whisper the “I will…” list into the jar.
  • Hold the jar of water (the spell bottle) & watch your transmutation process with your minds eye (consider what you have to become/do to be your best self & behold your hearts desire?). Allow the feelings & thoughts & actions & creativity of this renewed you settle into your body.
  • Develop a symbol that represents the renewed you. Carve the symbol onto the blue or white or silver candle using the pin. When you are done, drop the pin into the spell bottle &, using your index finger dipped into the water, draw the symbol on the soles of both of your feet.
  • Breath into the spell bottle & put the lid on it.
  • Release your space in a way that makes you feel comfortable.
  • Create a spot where you can place the list & the spell bottle & your inscribed candle.
  • Burn the inscribed candle the night that you create the spell. You can add new candles to this spot with your symbol carved onto them, as burning them will recharge the spell.
  • Another way of recharging the spell is to whisper the “I will…” list into the jar.
  • Read your “I will…” list as often as you can.
  • Draw the symbol on the soles of your feet as often as you can & until the water has run out.

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Happy Moontide folks.

Alison xxx