Winter Solstice

Yule 2016

Solstice Blessings!

The candles are lit here at The Hedgewitchery in preparation for the longest night… The children are playing with their Solstice gifts, the oven is baking our evening meal & warming the house, there are nuts & pastries & hot chocolates. Tonight we will sit around a fire & craft our dream wishes using quick drying clay, have a shadow puppet show, set out our crystals to catch the residual Full Moon glow overnight & the rebirthing Sun light at dawn, & place dream incubation bowls beside our beds to enhance our dreaming experiences. We really love this time of year!

This Winter is asking me to take the time for self reflection & to become aware of how I am reflected through my external world. This is what I will be doing to help with that…

At sunset (5:08pm here in Melbourne)…

  • Stand facing West & sing my Sun Prayer- “Every morning I wake up to see Your shining face. You give me the energy to face this human race. You’re watching over me all throughout the day, and in the evening time You slowly fade away… It sends chills down my spine to see the Sun’s shine!
  • Make an offering with gratitude in your heart for the bounty of Sun. Mine will be a liquid libation.
  • Contemplate how life has unfolded since the last Winter Solstice & look at the changes that have been made within your core in the past year.
  • Pluck out a piece of hair while thinking about who you are now, then bury it at the western-most spot of your property.

At midnight…

  • Sit in meditation then consider goals that you would like to see drawing nearer in the next year.
  • Make a “To Do” list that outlines the steps to reaching your goals, with the highest priority at the top.

At sunrise (7:36am here in Melbourne)

  • Face the rising Sun & sing His praises.
  • Make an offering, mine will be the dream incubation water that I have with me through the night.
  • Read aloud the “To Do” list from a place of internal power.
  • Give thanks for the return of Sun & spend as much time basking in His light as you can.

Have a lovely night folks.

Alison xxx