MOON Gemini SUN Pisces

There is something so gracious about the fabric of this place, this world & its many folds  & the delicate openings to other realms…

Today while I was walking I was swollen with gratitude for the peace & leisure which I can carry as I wonder around my inner city suburb. Quietly leading my littlest one as my Faekin from across the fabric leave me gifts & clues & flirts along my path, above me, inside of me. Ah, I am truly blessed!

My greatest messenger today was the Sulfur Crested Cockatoo, reminding me that I have the clarity & the vision to see my Way & all that I ever want is there for the taking if I can hold no fear in my heart. And so I set to work clearing the fear, forgiving myself & letting go.

Blessings on your journey.


MOON Virgo SUN Aquarius

The Full Moon in Leo was a big time for many people that I have crossed paths with, & for myself it became a time to stand firmly in my Emotional Body & clear anything that was fogging it up. This clarity has been ground breaking. My Emotional Body is clear & crisp & now whispers to me, ‘No longer accept the external expectations of others.’ I am so grateful for this wisdom.

And now I look to this Virgo Disseminating Moon feeling my body, my flesh & blood, my fluids & filaments. I search my body for the answer to undying questions. I hold my body to this ever-present Earth. I learn from my body as it speaks to me. I learn from this Earth as She speaks to me… Their needs are not very different really.

As Lammas approaches I prepare to seek out the best of my harvest, the most loving & most joyous of all that has been growing around me. I will send their seeds with Lugh on His journey into the Shadow Realms where they will be blessed with the richest & deepest of love, & when they return to me with the Dawning after Yule, I will relish in their Spirit & the hope that they will bring to my future.



MOON Pisces SUN Scorpio

It has been quite some time since I have been able to write here; web gremlins have been playing games with my IT Fairy. It has been an interesting time, this journey from Ostara to Beltane. I have been birthing something new, something deep & something that will change my life forever…

There is a part of me that was uninterred at Dark Moon in Leo. I was in the loving sacred circle of my Shamanic mentor & we took a great leap into the Underlands. I feel so safe & comfortable traveling in my mentors held space.

The parts of me that linger under the surface were gathered around a grave, her grave whose name I cannot yet share. Together we dug deep & pulled her from her earthly cocoon & ran with her in our arms to the ocean’s shore. Wading in with her submerged, she was taken swiftly by the Mere People, my Ancestors. They returned her later, alive, cleansed & fire in her eyes.

She is here now, always, influencing all that I do & how I do it. Now I am she & she is me. Together we are reshaping the world.


MOON Pisces SUN Gemini

So many things are being pulled into my world, my vision, my consciousness. It feels like the various forms of processing our Earthwalk are being stripped of language & ownership, & being set free as a concentrated essence that is seeping through my skin! I feel the buzz as it enters my nervous system. It fills me. I want to explode. And then I do, usually through my heart first, a bursting of warmth that throws me back as it rips me open. Then I feel my feet become magnetised to the Earth so that I am left swaying in the atmosphere like a plant growing in a running stream. My head fills with blood & begins to pulse sending my Dreams & desires out into the Universe. My fingers tingle. My ears block out all external sounds & I begin to hear singing. I will always be left with a song or a melody from these moments. When this passes I feel elated, uplifted, regenerated, like every day of my life should be celebrated! From when I open my eyes to see all that has been created, to when I drift off to Dream knowing my life is what I made it.


Eclipse of Sun in Gemini

This ritual will align you with the energies available during this eclipse (9:53am Monday 21st May 2012). I will be performing this spell at midnight on the 20th. Whatever time suits you is fine.

This is a simple internal process that is intended to connect you with your Sacred Point of View & to bring this into balance with the way you view your future self.

You will need

  • A tea light candle (3hr)
  • A pen
  • 2 pieces of paper


Light your candle & as you light it reflect on all that you have to be grateful for.

Take the pen & hold it high above you saying:

This pen will only write the truth as I know it be

Then take the pieces of paper, one in each hand in front of you, & say:

This paper will only reflect what I need to see that will bring me my Dreams

On one piece of paper answer the following questions:

In what way do I create division by denying the beliefs of others?

What is the difference between who I was & who I am?

What is the difference between what I show & what I hide?

What is the difference between what I say & what I do?

When you have finished, read back over your answers slowly & carefully.

Take the other piece of paper & answer the following question:

How can I change the way that I judge myself & others to support the journey towards my future self?

Burn the first piece of paper & blow the ashes towards the West.

Fold the second piece of paper & place it in a sacred place in the East.

Allow the candle to burn out naturally.


Rebirth of Self- A Wombyn’s Visualisation

Sit with your hands over your womb. Focus in on your breath. When you are only aware of the in breath and the out breath, reach into yourself & consider who you are, in this moment. Explore this idea without judgement, with only positive, unconditional regard.

When you feel you are able to sit with who you are, focus in on your hands, feel them grow warmer & feel this warmth reach your womb. In your mind, take who you are & add or remove anything that you feel you need to in order to move forward with confidence & strength & good intentions. Hold this new image of you in your minds eye. Allow it to move down your arms, through your hands & into your womb. Visualise this new self-creation taking seed & growing within your womb. Feed her with love & sweet promises of a wonderful life.

When you & your new self are ready, allow yourself to birth her. She will be born and held in your arms. The warmth of your hands will hold her close to your heart. Your hearts will beat as one. Your breath will flow as one. You will become one.

Feel yourself becoming your newly birthed self. Feel it like you would if you were putting on a new pair of jeans. Stretch & wiggle. Check out how you look now in the mirror. Explore how the new you thinks, is it different? Is it the same?

If you are content with this change, stand before a mirror & say,

‘I am me and we are thee and it is so, so mote it be.’

If you are not content, allow her to be freed & accept that who you are now is who you must be, for now.


Sacred Balance

Sacred Balance is a place where you can position yourself in order to find stillness & gain perspective.


Imagine you are standing strong, tall & still in a void space. Find your centre point & allow every part of your body to be pulled towards this point. You do not need to physically move, just experience the sensation. When the energy of your centre becomes really strong, imagine that you have 2 orbs drawn towards you, with the orbs always at opposite ends of your auric space, never coming closer to each other, spinning around you with the force of the attraction to your centre point. These opposing forces are offering you their energy in their attempt to become one with you. Feel this energy entering your centre. These are completely opposing energies, but seem to find a way of connecting when they are inside of you. Experience this sensation. Note how it feels physically, emotionally, spiritually. The inner union of these opposing orbs is the perfect space to empty your mind & connect with your energetic form. Listen to the wisdom that will arise from this point. Allow it sink into your mind. When you are ready, release the orbs, relax your centre & come back.