Rebirth of Self- A Wombyn’s Visualisation

Sit with your hands over your womb. Focus in on your breath. When you are only aware of the in breath and the out breath, reach into yourself & consider who you are, in this moment. Explore this idea without judgement, with only positive, unconditional regard.

When you feel you are able to sit with who you are, focus in on your hands, feel them grow warmer & feel this warmth reach your womb. In your mind, take who you are & add or remove anything that you feel you need to in order to move forward with confidence & strength & good intentions. Hold this new image of you in your minds eye. Allow it to move down your arms, through your hands & into your womb. Visualise this new self-creation taking seed & growing within your womb. Feed her with love & sweet promises of a wonderful life.

When you & your new self are ready, allow yourself to birth her. She will be born and held in your arms. The warmth of your hands will hold her close to your heart. Your hearts will beat as one. Your breath will flow as one. You will become one.

Feel yourself becoming your newly birthed self. Feel it like you would if you were putting on a new pair of jeans. Stretch & wiggle. Check out how you look now in the mirror. Explore how the new you thinks, is it different? Is it the same?

If you are content with this change, stand before a mirror & say,

‘I am me and we are thee and it is so, so mote it be.’

If you are not content, allow her to be freed & accept that who you are now is who you must be, for now.