Sacred Balance

Sacred Balance is a place where you can position yourself in order to find stillness & gain perspective.


Imagine you are standing strong, tall & still in a void space. Find your centre point & allow every part of your body to be pulled towards this point. You do not need to physically move, just experience the sensation. When the energy of your centre becomes really strong, imagine that you have 2 orbs drawn towards you, with the orbs always at opposite ends of your auric space, never coming closer to each other, spinning around you with the force of the attraction to your centre point. These opposing forces are offering you their energy in their attempt to become one with you. Feel this energy entering your centre. These are completely opposing energies, but seem to find a way of connecting when they are inside of you. Experience this sensation. Note how it feels physically, emotionally, spiritually. The inner union of these opposing orbs is the perfect space to empty your mind & connect with your energetic form. Listen to the wisdom that will arise from this point. Allow it sink into your mind. When you are ready, release the orbs, relax your centre & come back.