Tribes Woman of The Hedge Realm Part 1

It has come to my attention recently that no matter how hard I work at holding my integrity & speaking my truth, any human being has the ability to paint me in the light that suits their situation & intent. So, I have decided to share my journey with magick & dis-spell any illusions that may have been created in my name & against my will.

Today I will reflect on the sinking Last Quarter Moon & ready my arrow on the target.

I am a witch. I am a tribal shaman. That much has been made very clear. The root of my whole being is best described as Tribes Woman of the Hedge Realm (this is the essence that carries with me in all life forms taken). I can identify with Universal currents & I can shift this mundane world in order to access my inner truth.

The Call of Natural Flow & the Law of Being Truth are the basic principles which I live by. They govern the way I proceed, the way I interact & the way I am.

My Mother was a Princess from the Kerawara Islands between New Britain Island & Latangai Island of the Bismarck Sea to the North of Papua New Guinea. Her line is Matriarchal. My Mothers Father came from Guam, an island between Japan & Papua New Guinea in the Philippine Sea. Our people were created when the snake God mated with mermaids. There are 4 islands that make up the Kerawara Island’s one for living on, one for gardening, one for men & one for women. Our culture is still very close to Gaia.

My Fathers is a land worker originating from Great Britain. His has a Patriarchal line. My Fathers paternal ancestor was sent to Tasmania in Australia as a convict for stealing horses. He was sent over from Bromwich (the original surname brought over on the boat with my horse-stealing ancestor), Birmingham, England. I suspect many “Witches of the Broom” can be traced in his history. My Fathers Mothers people originated in the far East of Wales where they still hold a homestead (although due to shifting borders it is now just inside England). There was a young girl from the wealthy Welsh family of my Fathers Mother that made an unfavourable marriage (for love) & was sent to Australia on a boat with the specification that she was not to return. Over 100 years later, my Paternal Aunt made contact with this Welsh family & up to that point they had no idea any of their family existed here in Australia!

So, in a nutshell, this is the DNA I chose to ride into this life upon. My physical ancestors speak clearly to me through the many ‘languages’ that they carry, & their voices are now working together to guide me as I honour their blood which runs through my veins.

Thank you for hearing my truth. There is more to come!