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Have been rereading this [tarot read] over the hours, letting it sink in to see if any questions arose, however nothing left to say but to thank you again for your powerful insight and words that seem to fall heavy from the sky and weight my feet a little closer to their true path, horizon torn into view or is it just eyesight that’s gently adjusted.. Lady you carve the paths of souls traced over this earth with your whispered words x – Elyse

I am so thankful that I stepped out of my comfort zone and challenged myself to this Year and a Day mentor ship with Lady Le Faye. I was very hesitant to proceed with this journey as I was expecting my 3rd child, living in a complicated life situation and honestly didn’t think I could do it, let alone do it with the distance that is between myself and the beautiful Lady Le Faye… Down to the week prior to commencing I was still so very unsure! But with encouraging words from Alison I took that chance, that step, something for ME, within all the crazy that is my life. I am so glad I did take that step! It’s been a wonderful, gentle learning process, not a ridged learning format that you will be scolded if your not up to where others are. Beautifully put together and backed up with over the phone or email catch ups. Of course I have been unable to attend group gatherings as I’m living in Western Australia but this has given me the push to create and make time for myself more. I have gained so much from this course and would recommend anyone who is called to do this to answer that call! No matter what obstacles you think are in your way, distance, time, family etc it can be done! Thank you Lady Le Faye, my life is that bit more blessed for having you within it and for your extension of knowledge and friendship. Let’s continue to weave that web, with each of us holding our threads, weaving )O( – Michelle Duke

Alison has helped and supported me in many ways through readings, healings and friendship. After seeing her I always feel grounded, positive, clear-minded, confident, in control and focused. I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am to have met such a wonderful, caring woman. Ash Duggan

I approached Alison in my time of transition both mentally and physically. I was approaching a major operation and felt drawn to Alison’s intuitive practices to help me get through emotionally. Alison sent me a powerful ointment blend specifically for me. On completion of the operation I used her ointment and went into a deep meditative state… At the height of meditation I met my Clan Mother who helped me to see clearly on my new path… the ointment was an integral part in clearing my mind and facilitating this meeting with my new guide. I recommend Alison to all of you who are in need of a powerful tool to assist in times of transition physically, mentally or spiritually. Her knowledge of medicine for the body, mind and spirit is a blessing to all who have had the chance to experience her magic. Shayote

I embarked on the journey of my ‘spiritual readings’ (as I call them) with Alison many months ago and I haven’t stopped or looked back since! With the regular reads I continue to gain wisdom, clarity and a sense of greater purpose in my ‘everyday’ life. Quite simply, I can’t imagine my life without them now. She has a very nurturing energy that immediately makes me feel warm and well cared for. And I know my spirit is growing under her guidance as my reflection in this world is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Tamara

Alison is one of the most inspirational and totally amazing women I have met! Alison has assisted me through my journeys as a fledgling witch since I met her three years ago. She is both powerful and caring and shares her wisdom with those who seek to know it. Alison is understanding of different peoples journeys through this life and supports each person to grow towards their most fantastically individual, awesome and powerful embodiment of themselves. I personally trust Alison very deeply and believe that she has the utmost integrity for what she does. Pea

Warmth, sharing, great journeying, stories to share and uplifting… I always return home buzzing. Rachel Grove

If I want an answer to something, anything, I go to a circle, a gathering or a reading with Alison. She always guides with wisdom, attention and diligence and I get the benefit of her life experience wrapped up in user-friendly instructions and support. Love your work! Rebecca

I sought out Alison to introduce and guide me through the realms beyond the veil, because I wanted to learn from one who was humble yet expert. I wanted authenticity without self-aggrandisement. I wanted a teacher who showed conviction, integrity, fearlessness, careful understanding, and profound knowledge of plants, animals, and spirits. Alison is a generous, thoughtful, kind, and gentle practitioner. She sits in the balance between what is wanted and what is needed, carefully dispensing the right words, deploying the fairest use of her considerable force and skills, and holding the space for her patrons. In her circle, I can journey safely. Alison is honorable. Jianne

The Dark Moon Circle cleared my mind and answered a lot of questions for me. I’d been trying to piece things together and by the time the circle was done I had my answers and they were integrated as useful knowledge. Its one of the most helpful and powerful hours I’ve spent in this whole month and I can’t recommend it highly enough. For delving the depths of who we are and for gradually building more strength and wisdom I think Alison’s Dark Moon Circle is unsurpassed. Thank you for offering such a magical tool to us. Rebecca

Your reading is beautiful! And so true… Your an amazing person, thats all I can say! From the peek into your spiritual side, you are moving into the right path. Michelle

Thank you so very much for providing the summary of my session with you last Friday and also the beautiful ritual. I can’t wait for Thursday morning and beyond! I found your readings to be very grounding and practical – much more useful this way. I acclaim this to your wiccan background. I find witches (healers) much more ‘rooted’ and not as airy-fairy as most other readers. It was an absolute pleasure to have met you and I’m grateful for your wisdom. Trudy

I’ve had a mind opening during your session of care for my well-being. Thanks a lot. Cheers! Tanja


I am grateful for these wonderfully thoughtful words… It is an honour to be of service, to be doing what I love & to be challenged to keep myself growing in spirit daily.

Blessings on you all!




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