MOON Taurus SUN Scorpio

I thought I would share with you the process I presented at Full Moon circle on Saturday…

Consider your physical self & make a list of the toxins that need to be removed & the method of detox necessary to do it. Repeat this process for your mental self, your emotional self & your spiritual self. Choose the most important one from each list & rewrite the detox process as an affirmative action.

For example:

TOXIN- wheat DETOX- remove from diet ACTION- Do not eat wheat.

TOXIN- image of self DETOX- re-invent identity ACTION- Assert new identity & compliment self every morning.

TOXIN- wavering faith DETOX- explore new spiritual pathways ACTION- Perform a prayer or ritual at least once every week.

Once you have your Action list, commit it to memory.

Now, find a peaceful space to journey…

You are on a pilgrimage to find the World Tree. It may take moments or hours, or weeks, or years. You may journey through many manifestations of time & space. You will know the Tree when you see it for it will call you & it will radiate… glow.

Place your palms on the Tree & rest your forehead upon it sending love & gratitude through your Third Eye. Then sit with your back to the Tree, your base reaching down to connect with the roots & your crown reaching up to connect with the branches.

A being comes by &, without speaking or any effort or discomfort, hangs you from the Tree, then departs. You are suspended here for 3X3, minutes or hours or days or weeks or years or life times, whatever is required to remove you from the old & propel you into the new. When this is accomplished, whatever holds you to the Tree loosens & you fall lightly to the ground.

There you find a knife & using it you carve the Action list into the trunk of the Tree. Then you use the knife to cut open your palm on your dominant hand & use the blood that issues forth to smear the words.

Give thanks to the Tree & journey home…