MOON Cancer SUN Cancer


You will need

a bowl of water (preferably rain or spring or sea or river or lake)

chamomile flowers

a wand

salt (preferably rock or sea)

a candle (preferably white or pink)

incense (preferably myrrh)

The Rite

Prepare you body, mind, spirit, set your space (place all of the items mentioned above on an altar at the West, & cast & call your circle as you see fit.

Light the candle on one side of the bowl & the incense on the other.

Hold your wand in your left hand (or right if you are left handed), touch the tip to your feet & conjure into your minds eye anything that is sticking your feet to the ground, holding you back from a movement that you wish to take, keeping your attention on unwanted & not helpful thought process, activating emotions that no longer serve you. Let these things all pool into your feet & enter your wand. When you have finished, place the wand tip into the water using your right hand (or left if you are left handed) & release all that is stored within into the water.

Pass the wand over the flame of the candle & through the smoke of the incense & sit it on the altar. Take the chamomile flowers into your palms, hold them close to your lips & whisper to them-

Sacred flowers of Sun & Moon & Earth I honour thee & ask that you sooth & ease the passing of the energies held in this water that they may move back into the cycle of birth death & rebirth to serve another in need of their services. And as they dissolve from me I ask you to tend to them lovingly. Thank you.

Place the chamomile flowers into the water. Gently blow your breath over them. Take the salt into your palms, hold it close to your lips & whisper into it-

Sacred minerals of this loving Earth I honour thee & ask that you hold tight to these energies as they pass from me & make their journey back to Mother Earth. Guide them with sure steps & the strong presence that you possess. Thank you.

Place the salt into the water. Lift the bowl with both hands & place it in the South.

Take your wand in your left hand (right if you are left handed) & stand in the center facing East. Hold the wand high into the air, tip pointing up, & place your right hand (left if you are left handed) palm facing the ground. Say-

I surrender to the tides as they change, I allow the currents to take me & trust that I will be swept into the perfect moments that await me. My heart & mind are strong & receptive. I am open to inspiration, I am ready to feel my way forward into – [say here what you are working towards but have been struggling to achieve] – Let this waken my will that it may be done. Blessed Be! Blessed Be! Blessed Be!

Open your circle & complete your ceremony as you see fit. Let the candle burn out naturally & dispose of the residual wax by burying it under a tree. Take the bowl of water to the furthest Western point you can walk with it & pour it onto earth, making sure all of the salt & flowers leave with it & that none of the water gets onto your hands. When you return home, rinse the bowl thrice pouring the water on earth near your back door or into the toilet if you have no back yard.


Lunar Eclipse MOON Gemini SUN Sagittarius

Please read through before you begin.


You will need-

  • Rock Salt finely ground
  • Frankincense finely ground
  • Willow stick or Wand
  • Black Candle

Combine the Rock Salt & the Frankincense in a bowl & stir deosil (counter-clockwise if you are in the Southern Hemisphere) until combined. While you stir visualise a bright Silver light filling the bowl.

Using your dominant hand, take up this mix & create a triangle on the ground with a flat edge facing East. It must be large enough for you to stand in. Visualise a wall forming with each line that moves deep into the Earth & high into the Sky.

Take your Willow stick & Black Candle into the triangle. Stand for a moment & feel the firm walls around you. Place the Black Candle at the point on the Western side & light it as you send your honour & respect to the Fates.

Turn & place your Willow stick along the flat edge in the East. Stand straight & tall with you fingertips pulling down & the top of your head pulling up. Place your awareness in your spinal column. Let it ascend through your Crown & reach up to your blueprint, the you that existed before you came to this life. Draw it down into your being & let it coil around your spine. Again place your awareness into your spinal column. Let it descend through your tail bone & reach down into your shadow, the you that is potent with power. Draw it up into your being & let it coil around your spine. Stand for a moment, awareness in your spinal column, & feel the sensations that arise.

Take up the Willow stick & hold it in your dominant hand. Place your left hand on your heart. Direct into the Willow your hearts desire. It must be clear & simple. When you have done, use the Willow to draw a line from your feet through the Eastern edge & out of the triangle leaving an opening in its wake. As you do this send out your gratitude & honour to Father Sun & Grandmother Moon.

Step out of the triangle along the line made by the Willow, turn to face it, bow & say-


Sweep up the salt mix to be sprinkled at the Eastern side of your property.

Snuff out the candle & relight it in honour & respect of The Fates for a short time every night until it runs completely down. Bury the stub in the Eastern side of your property.