Embodying the Aettir

When I first met with the Runes I felt that something essential was missing, like the offering of information that I had at the time seemed an extremely diluted version of the well of information they contained (three wells actually). As a result, they were put aside until I could delve deeper…

Yielding to their call a number of years later, I began to absolutely devour whatever I could find on this ancient gift; a much easier task with access to a plethora of mythical tales, research articles, historical writings & references at the touch of a button. This information was then taken into many long, smokey, ceremonial sessions that drove the teachings of the Runes deep into my entire being.

The result of this venture, which lasted a few years, is a series of ritualised meditations to explore each Rune in turn, unfolding their story from beginning to end to new beginning, within the context of the life experiences of the individual participating.

It is a fascinating study to see the Runes roll out in a story like fashion, a dreamy tale with hidden pockets full of adventurous teachings. Each aett (group of eight) contains a clear cycle of its own, that can be worked in rhythm with the seekers own cyclical flow. One definition of the three aettir that I particularly relate to is from Freya Aswynn. To simplify enormously, the first aett can be read as the creation tale, the second aett the playing out of antagonistic forces, & the third aett the unfolding of the human condition which is the beginning of the end.

In offering these Runic meditations to others, I have been able to see how beneficial it can be to work with this ancient tool & have begun the journey for a second time myself… You can never do enough work on yourself, right?!

So, it seems that when I first met the Runes I was not ready to begin uncovering their secrets & I am very lucky that they called me back into their mystical world when I was ready.

If you are interested in learning more about the Runic meditation circles (held in Melbourne, Australia) please send an email to alison@thehedgewitchery.com


Lunar Eclipse MOON Gemini SUN Sagittarius

Please read through before you begin.


You will need-

  • Rock Salt finely ground
  • Frankincense finely ground
  • Willow stick or Wand
  • Black Candle

Combine the Rock Salt & the Frankincense in a bowl & stir deosil (counter-clockwise if you are in the Southern Hemisphere) until combined. While you stir visualise a bright Silver light filling the bowl.

Using your dominant hand, take up this mix & create a triangle on the ground with a flat edge facing East. It must be large enough for you to stand in. Visualise a wall forming with each line that moves deep into the Earth & high into the Sky.

Take your Willow stick & Black Candle into the triangle. Stand for a moment & feel the firm walls around you. Place the Black Candle at the point on the Western side & light it as you send your honour & respect to the Fates.

Turn & place your Willow stick along the flat edge in the East. Stand straight & tall with you fingertips pulling down & the top of your head pulling up. Place your awareness in your spinal column. Let it ascend through your Crown & reach up to your blueprint, the you that existed before you came to this life. Draw it down into your being & let it coil around your spine. Again place your awareness into your spinal column. Let it descend through your tail bone & reach down into your shadow, the you that is potent with power. Draw it up into your being & let it coil around your spine. Stand for a moment, awareness in your spinal column, & feel the sensations that arise.

Take up the Willow stick & hold it in your dominant hand. Place your left hand on your heart. Direct into the Willow your hearts desire. It must be clear & simple. When you have done, use the Willow to draw a line from your feet through the Eastern edge & out of the triangle leaving an opening in its wake. As you do this send out your gratitude & honour to Father Sun & Grandmother Moon.

Step out of the triangle along the line made by the Willow, turn to face it, bow & say-


Sweep up the salt mix to be sprinkled at the Eastern side of your property.

Snuff out the candle & relight it in honour & respect of The Fates for a short time every night until it runs completely down. Bury the stub in the Eastern side of your property.


MOON Taurus SUN Scorpio

I thought I would share with you the process I presented at Full Moon circle on Saturday…

Consider your physical self & make a list of the toxins that need to be removed & the method of detox necessary to do it. Repeat this process for your mental self, your emotional self & your spiritual self. Choose the most important one from each list & rewrite the detox process as an affirmative action.

For example:

TOXIN- wheat DETOX- remove from diet ACTION- Do not eat wheat.

TOXIN- image of self DETOX- re-invent identity ACTION- Assert new identity & compliment self every morning.

TOXIN- wavering faith DETOX- explore new spiritual pathways ACTION- Perform a prayer or ritual at least once every week.

Once you have your Action list, commit it to memory.

Now, find a peaceful space to journey…

You are on a pilgrimage to find the World Tree. It may take moments or hours, or weeks, or years. You may journey through many manifestations of time & space. You will know the Tree when you see it for it will call you & it will radiate… glow.

Place your palms on the Tree & rest your forehead upon it sending love & gratitude through your Third Eye. Then sit with your back to the Tree, your base reaching down to connect with the roots & your crown reaching up to connect with the branches.

A being comes by &, without speaking or any effort or discomfort, hangs you from the Tree, then departs. You are suspended here for 3X3, minutes or hours or days or weeks or years or life times, whatever is required to remove you from the old & propel you into the new. When this is accomplished, whatever holds you to the Tree loosens & you fall lightly to the ground.

There you find a knife & using it you carve the Action list into the trunk of the Tree. Then you use the knife to cut open your palm on your dominant hand & use the blood that issues forth to smear the words.

Give thanks to the Tree & journey home…


Honouring Your Inner Venus (preparation for 2nd Venus Transit)


Journey to any place you desire.

Spend some time exploring this place.

Notice when you find something that makes your senses tingle.

Feel the tingles in your body.

Shoot them through you & into the body of Earth beneath you.

Create an altar containing the items that bring your senses to life.

Stand before that altar & say-

“My body is alive with the sensations of the world that surrounds me. I honour the place where Venus & I meet with a joyful heart & an open mind. I soften to be strong. I beautify to be love. Blessed Be!”


Rebirth of Self- A Wombyn’s Visualisation

Sit with your hands over your womb. Focus in on your breath. When you are only aware of the in breath and the out breath, reach into yourself & consider who you are, in this moment. Explore this idea without judgement, with only positive, unconditional regard.

When you feel you are able to sit with who you are, focus in on your hands, feel them grow warmer & feel this warmth reach your womb. In your mind, take who you are & add or remove anything that you feel you need to in order to move forward with confidence & strength & good intentions. Hold this new image of you in your minds eye. Allow it to move down your arms, through your hands & into your womb. Visualise this new self-creation taking seed & growing within your womb. Feed her with love & sweet promises of a wonderful life.

When you & your new self are ready, allow yourself to birth her. She will be born and held in your arms. The warmth of your hands will hold her close to your heart. Your hearts will beat as one. Your breath will flow as one. You will become one.

Feel yourself becoming your newly birthed self. Feel it like you would if you were putting on a new pair of jeans. Stretch & wiggle. Check out how you look now in the mirror. Explore how the new you thinks, is it different? Is it the same?

If you are content with this change, stand before a mirror & say,

‘I am me and we are thee and it is so, so mote it be.’

If you are not content, allow her to be freed & accept that who you are now is who you must be, for now.