Full Moon in Virgo

You will need: pen & paper, Moon offering (such as flowers or baked goods or menstrual blood)

Find a quiet place where you can stand undisturbed under the light of the Full Moon.

Stand with your bare feet on the Earth, your knees slightly bent, your tail bone tucked under, your spine straight, your fingertips reaching down, your shoulders rolled back,. your crown being pulled up… Focus on your breath. Feel the Earth reaching up to hold you.

Let your mind’s eye open to the bright, illuminated light that is the Full Moon, draw it down & into you, filling you until you too are aglow.

Send your mind over the physical world in which you dwell. Sort through all that is connected to you on this earthly plane of existence & ask yourself:

  • Does this reflect who I am?
  • Is this a representation of how I feel/think/work?
  • Can I survive without this?
  • What can this do for me?
  • How is this great realm of existence better for having me connected to this?

Then decide what must stay & what needs to go. Write them down.

When you have your list of things to be rid of, appeal to Grandmother Moon for assistance in removing those things from your life. Tell Her what you are willing to do in support of this. Then present Her with an offering & give thanks.

Be sure to follow-up on your part in this process & present Grandmother Moon with an offering every night until She disappears for this cycle.


MOON Cancer SUN Capricorn


Praise be given as your light shines bright

Healing & clearing, letting souls take flight

I call you Selene, Queen of the Heavens

And honour your loving, earthly connections

Shifting the waters, giving death & life

I humbly ask you to direct your light

Let it fill & hold & ever be you

So that our work may reflect your truth

It clears, it cleanses, it charges – FULL POWER

Let it always harm none, any day, any hour

Many thanks& much honour always for thee

It is as I will it, so mote it be!

Blessed Be!

Blessed Be!

Blessed Be!