MOON Sagittarius SUN Gemini

This moontide is inspiring me to create a Follow My Bliss potion so this will be the central aspect of my Full Moon Rite. Thanks to Michelle Duke once again for you herb & essential oil contributions. I will perform this rite as the Moon rises full in Sagittarius on Friday the 13th of June (AEST).

In preparation for this rite, I will be soaking in a bath with the following salt mix- half a cup of red rock salts, 1 tablespoon of epsom salts, 6 drops of Jasmine essential oil, 3 drops of Bergamot essential oil & 3 drops of Ylang-ylang essential oil.

You will need…

a bowl of sacred water (preferably from a natural source or at the very least filtered & blessed)

a bowl of herbs (fresh or dried)- Nutmeg, Basil, Damiana, Patchouli, Dragon’s Blood, Rose Geranium & Mint

stones- a mixture of light & dark coloured stones

a small red candle

incense blend of mugwort & wormwood

The rite…

Gather all of the items along with some matches into the center of your space.

Create your sacred space in the way that you are most comfortable with.

Light the red candle & the incense. Sit holding the dark stones in your dominant hand & the light ones in the other. Let your mind clear of any external flirts & relax your physical self into your sitting position. Breath deep & slow… Allow yourself to dream up your most blissful moment, hold that feeling & send it into the stones that you are holding. Place the stones into the center & take the bowl of herbs, cradling them in your hands & resting them in your lap.

Gaze into the bowl of herbs & play out the story that will bring you the most bliss, be thorough, let the impossible become possible & unfold your perfect scenario. When you are done, bring the bowl to your nose & slowly breath in the aroma of the herbs contained within it, then whisper into the bowl…

Sacred herbs, your bodies mix

Come together in perfect bliss

Contained to play & dream & grow

Through your magick let bliss be known

Place the bowl of herbs back into the center & add more incense to your coal. Look deep into the bowl of water as you say…

Sacred water I see you

I ask for vision, pure & true

Let me see the life I crave

So perfect action can be made

Then, let your mind be empty & discover what is hidden there in the water, your active role to play in the fulfillment of your bliss.

Now take the herbs & pour them into the water & say…

Let this union be met with joy

And under this Moon you work deployed

And through my feet I set the change

Together weaving bliss into this life again

Give thanks & open your space in the way that you feel most comfortable with. Allow the candle to burn out on its own.

Take the bowl of water with the herbs in it outside to sit under the moon for the night & circle it with the stones.

In the morning, strain the water into a bottle… This is your Follow My Bliss potion. Store this bottle in the circle of stones.

Collect together the strained herbs, the candle stub & the incense dust & bury them or burn them within 7 days of your rite.