MOON Libra SUN Aquarius

The lessons of the Hawk have been mine during the Libra Moon… Although this Luna aspect has now passed, I feel the need to place myself there again for a moment of perspective.

When Hawk arrived, a couple of Luna cycles ago, I set it aside; put it in my “TO DO” pile. This meant that I was giving the control of the timing over; to whom I know not but in whom I trust. The time was Lammas.

When White Buffalo Calf Woman came to me She offered me clarity of purpose & set me on a course which I now recognise was in accordance with Hawk medicine.

Snake helped me to shed the past. This is a frighteneing process, it left me feeling naked & raw & exposed. This process is also enlightening, as it offered me insight & depth & truth. I honour Snake as my Great Grandfather, Pupiongon- the God of my Mothers people.

Gaia held my hand & supported me. In doing so, She took all of me into Herself. I became an aspect of Her. It gave me the perspective of Her position, which is a consciousness of a wider circle than my own. This too brought forth fears & insights without discretion. She gave birth to me, offering me a new name & a soliditiy to my current aspect. Her body is now a realm which I have accesss to at will. I honour Gaia as the Mother of us all & the Womb through which all wombs are connected.

In exchange for this surrendering of my self,  I have been gifted White Buffalo skin, a shrowd that I am now able to wear as I stand in my new form. My new form is ready to embrace the work ahead. I feel blessed & honoured with my calling & I face it with strength & courage & integrity.

Hawk has opened me to a process of rebirth; a deep, steadying process which brought about an intense healing. The Hawk is swift & subtle in its action, for which I am grateful. Hawk has gifted me with VISION & POWER & MAJESTY & FEARLESSNESS. My Spirit is at home. )O(