Lammas Altar

Lammas Altar

Grass Doll with Passion Flower & Yellow ribbon

  • to hold the magick for release at the dawn of Yule & to be sacrificed to the Fires of Imbolc

Summer Bliss Balm

  • to remember the blissful feeling of Father Sun penetrating the cold grasp of Winter

Feathers- Kookaburra, King Parrot, Crested Pigeon, Galah, Cockatoo

  • to feel the benefits of all that is associated with Air
  • to learn the medicine of each bird represented

Seabird bones & wing (from Mamma Ocean)

  • to pay respects to all that have come before me, the creators of the here & now


  • to bring the loving embrace of Mamma Ocean into my family home so that harmony & peace may prevail

Sea stones

  • to honour the Children of my Womb

Black Tourmaline

  • to extract the energy that not longer belongs

Evening Primrose flowers

  • to feel my Sistars beside me

Pink Moth

  • a reminder to express love in all things

Cassowary Bone Dagger

  • to give me courage

Milk Thistle flower

  • to protect the space & the magicks

Wand of Wyrd

  • to direct the magicks

Green Acorns

  • to facilitate the union of my Spirit & my Identity

White Sage incense

  • to conjure the feeling of Freedom

Beeswax candle anointed with Summer Bliss balm & inscribed with Fehu, Jera, personal Ancestor symbol, & local flag

  • to honour this time… the Gateway to Autumn
  • to honour the caretakers of this Land… Wurundjeri of the Kulin Nation
  • to honour my Mothers Mothers… Kerawara, Duke of York Islands

Owl Dreaming drum

  • to keep the rhythm of my Dreaming
  • to draw out my own inner Wisdom


  • to assist in weaving & grounding the magicks

Oracle cards

  • to open me to the energies that are calling for my attention


MOON Virgo SUN Aquarius

The Full Moon in Leo was a big time for many people that I have crossed paths with, & for myself it became a time to stand firmly in my Emotional Body & clear anything that was fogging it up. This clarity has been ground breaking. My Emotional Body is clear & crisp & now whispers to me, ‘No longer accept the external expectations of others.’ I am so grateful for this wisdom.

And now I look to this Virgo Disseminating Moon feeling my body, my flesh & blood, my fluids & filaments. I search my body for the answer to undying questions. I hold my body to this ever-present Earth. I learn from my body as it speaks to me. I learn from this Earth as She speaks to me… Their needs are not very different really.

As Lammas approaches I prepare to seek out the best of my harvest, the most loving & most joyous of all that has been growing around me. I will send their seeds with Lugh on His journey into the Shadow Realms where they will be blessed with the richest & deepest of love, & when they return to me with the Dawning after Yule, I will relish in their Spirit & the hope that they will bring to my future.