Blessing Moon Reflection

I woke with that feeling that I was being called to present my Best Self to the day, the morning of Thor’s days Blessing Moon. I lit the candle spells that were still active from the previous night’s workings, ate my Bircher, washed & put on my Best Self. This Best Self managed to create a particularly rewarding day!

My first reward was the opportunity to be part of a lovely spell concocting process with the wonderful Tinker Wytch of our company. She was brewing up a Nostalgia Potion that seems to set you along a thread of warm & cosy memories, some going way back through the Ancestral Web.

My next reward was by way of an incredibly intoxicating conversation with Zillah, my youngest Son. He asked me to explain how it is possible to feel outside of yourself. I asked him to clarify what he meant by “outside of yourself” & he explained that he meant way outside, gesturing wide with his arms as he looked up & out towards the beautiful blue Sky. I am sure that you can imagine how much fun Zillah & I had exploring this topic!

A whirlwind catch up, with one of the Runies who happened by, was reward number three. Can you imagine a Gemini & an Aquarian with only a short window in time together being anything less than a whirlwind?

Next reward, quite simply, was a spontaneous afternoon nap…

During which I received the word that a much anticipated Rosie Flower had entered the world (this one received the much coveted Reward of the Day award). RF & her Mother popped into the Wild Women group looking Angelic! They were both flushed with the elements from across the Veil & radiating the pure of Love that exists between Mother & Child.

Antoinette Boulevard arrived to deliver my next reward, two of my favourite women. Together we prepared for Full Moon & set off to the Swamp Circle. Our numbers swelled as we met others from our company along the way, one of whom had some very exciting news to share with the rest of us (another reward for being my Best Self!).

Sitting under the bright Blessing Moon with my Lover that evening, watching all the candle spells play at shadow puppets in & around my home, I took a long moment to reflect on the days events & to radiate the feeling of gratitude & peace that was swelling up from within me. Gratitude not only for the external moments that had carried me along in a peaceful & blissful & joyous way, but also for the internal ponderings I was able to follow & process due to the lovely external atmosphere.

I am writing this two days after these events & I can already feel the changes that embodying my Best Self had initiated. I highly recommend bringing out your Best Self at Full Moontide, you may be as delighted as me with the shifts that are aroused from such an adventure.


A Magickal Life: Herbal Basics

Connecting to the Kingdom of Plants is essential in my work as they bring such a grounded & mystical energy to all that I do. The generosity of Plants is always captivating to me & in this course I hope to share some of my joy at working with them to all who attend.

A Magickal Life: Herbal Basics takes the seeker on a journey into the realm of plants with the intention of understanding their own unique connection to this realm & how they may be able to honour & share the bounty of the beings that dwell within it.

We will be crafting incense blends, annointing oils, fluid condensers & balms, as well as taking a close study of several plants with regards to their magickal properties. Safe practices will of course be discussed.

This course will be run during the month of August in four 3 hour long sessions in Melbourne, Australia. If you are interested or have any questions please email


A Magickal Life: Ritual Foundations

Take a gentle step towards making your life more magickal in this short course that reveals a simple yet effective way to move closer to manifesting your perfect world. We will begin with intent & slowly open to the expression of that intention as we build a ritual to energise it & release it out into all the Worlds.

No prior spiritual work is necessary but this course will benefit all levels of spiritual awareness. There will be four sessions held in Melbourne, Australia, from 2-5pm beginning on June 8th 2014.

For bookings or inquiries please contact me via


Hedge Wytch Mentorship

This mentorship program is for anyone who is connecting with themselves as a Spirit, anyone who is searching for something more than meets the eye in this vast & glorious world. You will be taken on a journey through the turn of one Wheel of the Year, a journey that will connect you to your Spirit, your path & your environment in a deep & profound way. It will equip you to maintain your own spiritual practice & inspire you to delve deeper into your own magickal gifts & sacred skills.

Your mentor will be The Lady Le Faye, founder & high priestess at The Hedgewitchery. Known to friends & family as Alison, the Lady Le Faye has very strong connections to her ancestry. She is the Granddaughter of the now deceased Tribal Elder of the Karawara Islands, East New Britain Province PNG, & is the descendant of a long line of farming folk originating from Wales & England. She was raised to respect the laws of the land, the spirit of the Creator & the importance of holding ceremonial space. Alison began her training as a Hedgewitch 22 years ago at the age of 16 & has been under the guidance of her Shamanic mentor for the past 4 years. In her role as a High Priestess she provides community based rituals, this mentorship program & various spiritual teachings. Alison has had formal training in Reiki, Aromatherapy, Western Medical Herbalism, and Homeopathic First Aid & has a current First Aid Certificate. She is also a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist.

During the course of this Year & A Day (one full turn of the Wheel of the Year) you will be connected with your broadest self, your various guides, guards & guardians, your personal internal world, your own ancestral ritual & magick, your innate magickal gifts & talents, & your sacred skills.

Beginning at April 30, you will be invited to attend Dark Moon & Full Moon circles, any Wheel of the Year Festivals & a minimum of 2 face to face or skype sessions with The Lady Le Faye (at a time that suits you both) every month. Upon completion of your Year & A Day journey, you will be initiated into Hedge Wytchcraft & ready to step out on your own & explore the magickal world that surrounds you.

There is a limited number of places for each intake so please register your interest as soon as possible via


Hedge Wytch Mentorship

I see them coming, these kindred spirits drift towards me through the mists of time & as they near I can hear their souls calling my name, the name that cannot be spoken. When I emerge from the shadow, allowing their eyes to find mine, an understanding is realised. This is the beginning…

We can then dance through the Wheel of the Sun, of the seasons & the stories that connect us all. And we can then delve down deep through the Wheel of the Moon, of the tide & the rhythm that holds us all.

This kindred spirit, this radiant Soul will unfold in the course of our journey. Through ceremony & prayer we will walk to the place where truth & peace can be normal, where magick is in all things & where life is as easy as being.

This is the Hedge Wytch Mentorship.