A Magickal Life: Ritual Foundations

Take a gentle step towards making your life more magickal in this short course that reveals a simple yet effective way to move closer to manifesting your perfect world. We will begin with intent & slowly open to the expression of that intention as we build a ritual to energise it & release it out into all the Worlds.

No prior spiritual work is necessary but this course will benefit all levels of spiritual awareness. There will be four sessions held in Melbourne, Australia, from 2-5pm beginning on June 8th 2014.

For bookings or inquiries please contact me via alison@thehedgewitchery.com


Hedge Wytch Mentorship

I see them coming, these kindred spirits drift towards me through the mists of time & as they near I can hear their souls calling my name, the name that cannot be spoken. When I emerge from the shadow, allowing their eyes to find mine, an understanding is realised. This is the beginning…

We can then dance through the Wheel of the Sun, of the seasons & the stories that connect us all. And we can then delve down deep through the Wheel of the Moon, of the tide & the rhythm that holds us all.

This kindred spirit, this radiant Soul will unfold in the course of our journey. Through ceremony & prayer we will walk to the place where truth & peace can be normal, where magick is in all things & where life is as easy as being.

This is the Hedge Wytch Mentorship.