Blessing Moon Reflection

I woke with that feeling that I was being called to present my Best Self to the day, the morning of Thor’s days Blessing Moon. I lit the candle spells that were still active from the previous night’s workings, ate my Bircher, washed & put on my Best Self. This Best Self managed to create a particularly rewarding day!

My first reward was the opportunity to be part of a lovely spell concocting process with the wonderful Tinker Wytch of our company. She was brewing up a Nostalgia Potion that seems to set you along a thread of warm & cosy memories, some going way back through the Ancestral Web.

My next reward was by way of an incredibly intoxicating conversation with Zillah, my youngest Son. He asked me to explain how it is possible to feel outside of yourself. I asked him to clarify what he meant by “outside of yourself” & he explained that he meant way outside, gesturing wide with his arms as he looked up & out towards the beautiful blue Sky. I am sure that you can imagine how much fun Zillah & I had exploring this topic!

A whirlwind catch up, with one of the Runies who happened by, was reward number three. Can you imagine a Gemini & an Aquarian with only a short window in time together being anything less than a whirlwind?

Next reward, quite simply, was a spontaneous afternoon nap…

During which I received the word that a much anticipated Rosie Flower had entered the world (this one received the much coveted Reward of the Day award). RF & her Mother popped into the Wild Women group looking Angelic! They were both flushed with the elements from across the Veil & radiating the pure of Love that exists between Mother & Child.

Antoinette Boulevard arrived to deliver my next reward, two of my favourite women. Together we prepared for Full Moon & set off to the Swamp Circle. Our numbers swelled as we met others from our company along the way, one of whom had some very exciting news to share with the rest of us (another reward for being my Best Self!).

Sitting under the bright Blessing Moon with my Lover that evening, watching all the candle spells play at shadow puppets in & around my home, I took a long moment to reflect on the days events & to radiate the feeling of gratitude & peace that was swelling up from within me. Gratitude not only for the external moments that had carried me along in a peaceful & blissful & joyous way, but also for the internal ponderings I was able to follow & process due to the lovely external atmosphere.

I am writing this two days after these events & I can already feel the changes that embodying my Best Self had initiated. I highly recommend bringing out your Best Self at Full Moontide, you may be as delighted as me with the shifts that are aroused from such an adventure.


MOON Aquarius SUN Leo

from Shadowscape Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Artwork from Shadowscape Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Standing under the Moon this evening will be a time for me to acknowledge who I have become over the dark, cold, ponderous Winter. In doing this I hope to understand how I am able to access my individual qualities, explore ways of releasing the potency that has been building within me in the past few months, & devise plans for navigating around any problems that may arise in the process.

My rite might go something like this…

Rainbow candle & Bismuth stone

Spin widdershins to return home

Myrrh & Frankincense smoking the air

Florida Water to wipe my cares

Prayers to Moon & Earth & Sun

Thanks expressed to all who’ve come

Reduced to be nothing, exploded to be all

Listening hard for the Ancestral call

Penning the words that encompass me

Stating them loud, confidently

Then making an oath to the One most high

Of all I am willing to offer & deny

Held now, sure, & ready to burst

I drum & sing & dance to disperse

I fall & laugh & release the space

Deosil I spin to the common place

I know who I am & what I must be done

And I step boldly forward to meet what will come.

Happy Moontide!

Alison xxx

MOON Capricorn SUN Cancer

Best Self Standing

You will need:

  • pen & four pieces of paper
  • a handful of salt or earth or stones
  • items for an altar (see below for ideas)

Stand in a powerful pose & call your best self into you. Consider where your ambitions are & feel these ambitions settle into your body.

Create an altar space that reflects these ambitions & walk around it three times deosil (anti-clockwise in the Southern hemisphere). Then sit by your altar & complete the following sentences, one on each piece of paper:

  1. I want… & to achieve this I am going to be responsible for…
  2. I feel… & to benefit from this I am going to be responsible for…
  3. I desire… & to fulfill this I am going to be responsible for…
  4. I know… & to utilise this I am going to be responsible for…

Stand facing South in a powerful pose, & in a strong & confident voice read the first sentence three times. When done, continue to stand in this way pondering what you have said for as long as you can. Write down any ideas or thoughts or sensations that come to you underneath where you wrote the first sentence. Place the paper on the ground here & put some salt/earth/stones on top. Give thanks with a deep bow.

Stand facing West in a powerful pose, & in a strong & confident voice read the second sentence three times. When done, continue to stand in this way pondering what you have said for as long as you can. Write down any ideas or thoughts or sensations that come to you underneath where you wrote the second sentence. Place the paper on the ground here & put some salt/earth/stones on top. Give thanks with a deep bow.

Stand facing North in a powerful pose, & in a strong & confident voice read the third sentence three times. When done, continue to stand in this way pondering what you have said for as long as you can. Write down any ideas or thoughts or sensations that come to you underneath where you wrote the third sentence. Place the paper on the ground here & put some salt/earth/stones on top. Give thanks with a deep bow.

Stand facing East in a powerful pose, & in a strong & confident voice read the fourth sentence three times. When done, continue to stand in this way pondering what you have said for as long as you can. Write down any ideas or thoughts or sensations that come to you underneath where you wrote the fourth sentence. Place the paper on the ground here & put some salt/earth/stones on top. Give thanks with a deep bow.

Sit at your altar space again & imagine that your ambitions are working for you & shaping your life. Let this fill you & roll it around your senses & your body & your mind & your heart & your spirit. Walk three times widdershins (clockwise in the Southern hemisphere) looking at the ground & seeing the path to your goals unfolding beneath your feet.

Leave the altar & paper piles where they are at least for the night. When you are ready, gather the salt/earth/stones & scatter them somewhere to the East of your space. Put the pieces of paper somewhere that you can see them & on a regular basis (eg. every morning on rising) stand in your power, repeat the sentences & reflect upon the other things you have written under it, adding bits or adjusting it if you feel the need to.

Happy Moontide!

Alison xxx

MOON Sagittarius SUN Gemini

Water Spell by Celesta1805 via deviantart

This spell is intended to open the self to a broader sense of possibility & initiate the expression of the goals you find there.

You will need: a lit candle & some incense for your altar; an unlit blue, white or silver candle; a blue stone; a jar of Sacred Water; a pen; two pieces of paper; a pin

  • Set your space in the way that feels comfortable to you with the spell components on an altar space in the centre.
  • Hold the stone in your hands & dream of your best self. Send this vision of you down through your nervous system & into your stone. Place it on your altar.
  • Remove the lid from the jar of Sacred Water & hold it in your hands. Dream of your hearts desire & send this dream from your heart through your blood & into the jar of Sacred Water. Place it on the altar
  • Consider your best self & your hearts desire. Take a piece of paper & write 5 “I will…” statements with these dreams in mind. Write this same list onto the second piece of paper. Burn one list & add its ash to the jar of Sacred Water.
  • Add the blue stone to the Sacred Water & whisper the “I will…” list into the jar.
  • Hold the jar of water (the spell bottle) & watch your transmutation process with your minds eye (consider what you have to become/do to be your best self & behold your hearts desire?). Allow the feelings & thoughts & actions & creativity of this renewed you settle into your body.
  • Develop a symbol that represents the renewed you. Carve the symbol onto the blue or white or silver candle using the pin. When you are done, drop the pin into the spell bottle &, using your index finger dipped into the water, draw the symbol on the soles of both of your feet.
  • Breath into the spell bottle & put the lid on it.
  • Release your space in a way that makes you feel comfortable.
  • Create a spot where you can place the list & the spell bottle & your inscribed candle.
  • Burn the inscribed candle the night that you create the spell. You can add new candles to this spot with your symbol carved onto them, as burning them will recharge the spell.
  • Another way of recharging the spell is to whisper the “I will…” list into the jar.
  • Read your “I will…” list as often as you can.
  • Draw the symbol on the soles of your feet as often as you can & until the water has run out.

If you have any questions please email

Happy Moontide folks.

Alison xxx

MOON Sagittarius SUN Gemini


Something for your Full Moon, best performed Saturday evening or Sunday morning this weekend.

You will need:

  • a green stone
  • your favourite incense
  • a candle, preferably green but white is also good
  • Holy Water or Florida Water or water from a natural source
  • seeds that you can either eat or plant in your garden

The ceremony:

  • Create your circle in a way that suits you then ground & centre in the space.
  • Light the candle & sit holding your seeds in your non-dominant hand. Close your eyes, pretend you are asleep & dream of what you would like to manifest in your life. Focus your dream thoughts down along your arm & into the seeds that you are holding. When you are done, place them beneath the candle.
  • Light the incense & hold the green stone in your dominant hand. Close your eyes & send your awareness throughout your body checking for any imbalances that require your attention. These may be physiological, emotional, spiritual or psychological. Focus on these spots of imbalance then radiate the colour & solidity of your green stone to those exact areas, energising them for healing & restoration. When you are done, hold the stone over the incense & give thanks. I recommend carrying this stone with you, close to the skin, every day until you feel that you have dealt with or are dealing with these imbalances. For now, place the stone next to the incense.
  • Stand in Warrior Pose (see image below or choose your own style of Warrior pose) facing North. Stare out towards that horizon, empower your pose & breath deep. While you hold this position, connect to the rich, nourishing energy that rises up to you from Earth. Draw it up through your feet & legs & trunk, considering your healing & dreams as it rises. Let it pool & build in your chest as you define the steps ahead that your healing & your dreams require of you. When have reached your peak, shoot the energy out to the Northern horizon. Step your legs together, facing North, & bow.
  • Take the Holy Water, dip your finger into it & draw the Aegishjalmur (pictured above) on your chest. As it evaporates & cools your skin, feel the waters connecting you to the world of material things & calling to you all that you need for the healing that you require & all that you must cross paths with to see your dreams coming true. I recommend anointing this Bindrune daily until you begin to experience the changes you wish to see.
  • Say the following 3×3 times-

Let me pray for peace, health, wealth, wisdom for all.

May all meet under the light of Grandmother Moon forever more.

Children of my children hear my prayer.

Blessed Be!

  • Stamp your feet, shake your limbs & make some noise (I recommend a bell or singing bowl).
  • Release & clear your circle in a way that suits you.
  • Allow the candle to watch over the seeds until it has let itself go out (you may have to snuff it out & relight it again for safety reasons). When the candle is done, eat the seeds or set them aside for your next planting day.
  • Gather the incense dust & toss some into the Winds.
  • Carry the stone with you & each day cleanse it by sitting it in the Holy Water on an altar.

Warrior Pose

Blessings on your Full Moon Weavings!


MOON Capricorn SUN Cancer

I have been feeling quite out of my body of late so am taking the opportunity of this Moon to sink deeper into my flesh & honour this Earth-bound temple that I call home. This is the process I will undertake this evening as the Moon rises…

Create you sacred space in your own way.

Stand in a small circle of salt, feel your feet connected to the ground. Slowly raise your awareness up your body aligning & correcting your posture as you go. Once you have reached the top of your head, take some time to listen to your flesh… Are there any sensations that are calling to you? Where are they? Why are they? Move along these lines for as long as you can, taking note of the information stored in your body.

When you are ready, write your experience down in a journal or on a piece of paper. Then sit in the salt circle & ask your body how you can make its life more pleasant, what measures you can take to improve your physical wellbeing. If you have access to clay, inscribe it with a promise to your physical self of the steps you are willing to take to make these improvements. If you have no clay do the same steps but write on a piece of paper instead.

Give thanks & release you sacred space in your own way.

When the Sun rises tomorrow, bury the clay tablet along with the salt as close to your bedroom window as possible.


MOON Scorpio SUN Taurus

On the night of the Scorpio Full Moon prepare yourself for this ceremony by clearing & quietening your self & your surrounds. When you are as close to stillness as you can be without being asleep, you are ready.

Create a sacred space & settle within it. Grind together herbs for an incense mix. Michelle Duke developed a blend especially for this Moon…







Grind your mix widdershins (unwinding the Sun) & chant the following as you do-

Open All & push me through

I grind & hold to Spirit true

Send me deep to wounds unhealed

A balm this journey shall reveal

Repeat this chant 3 or 9 times, light your charcoal & add your mix.

Lay flat on the ground, close your eyes & breath in the smoke. Let your journey begin at the mouth of a cave with a small stream of water flowing into it. Light a torch from the bright, big Moon & walk into the cave. Explore as long & as deep as you can, keeping your attention attuned to your senses & honouring them in your explorations. When you are ready, return by way of giving thanks to the cave & Grandmother Moon.

Surface & add more of your mix to the charcoal. Write down your experience & how you wish to bring your findings out into the mundane world, with the intent of healing to your deepest self.

When the charcoal has gone out, bury it along with the ashes in the earth under the light of the Moon.




MOON Aquarius SUN Leo

Full Moon meditation

As the Sun will be moving into Leo at 1:57am AEST & the Moon into Aquarius at 4:08am AEST Tuesday the 28th, I will be performing this meditation at Moon rise tomorrow.

Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit for the duration of this meditation.

Light a candle, burn incense, create an altar, do whatever your process is to get into the head space for meditation. Say the name Etain (pronounced Ay-deen) three times taking three breaths between each annunciation.

Begin in your Power Place, explore & ensure that it is your perfect space for you in that moment. Then take a journey along a path with the intention of meeting Etain, the Shining One.

When you find Her, She is going to illuminate the parts of you that are rising with the growth of this past solstice/super moon/water trine/retrograde period. So much wisdom that has been developing within you in a whirl of life experience & mental processing. Etain will show you how to ride this into a balanced whole from which your next journey can begin. Allow Her to guide you without any preconceived idea of how that will happen, put your trust in Her as she works with you.

When She bids you farewell, be sure to offer Her thanks & head back to your Power Place. Spend some time thinking back over your experience before coming back into your body.

Write your experience down & revisit these words after a day or two has passed.


MOON Gemini SUN Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

This eclipse gate is an opportunity to gather valuable information & understand this information within the context of your life. We can do this by searching the deep dark places & facing the shadows with courage, bringing to them clarity & cutting through all the things that may be holding you back… Sound like fun?? Here is a ceremony that I will be doing at the Witching Hour on Saturday night:

You will need: a candle, a bowl, a jug of Holy water (alternatively spring or river or ocean water will suffice), writing implements

Ceremony: Create your sacred space in whatever way suits you. Hold the empty bowl in your hands & feel it becoming an extension of your body. When you feel connected breath three long slow breathes into it & place it down gently. Hold the jug of water in your hands & open your emotional body to it allowing your heart to pulse through it. When you feel the connection say “Waters of Awakening I call thee” & gently pour the water into the empty bowl. Hold the candle in your hands & allow the Celestial Beings to move through you & into the wax. When you feel the current say  “I reconnect to all that is & honour the source of life itself” & light the candle. As you hold the lit candle, let go of time & thought & inhibitions… feel them oozing off of you & seeping into the ground. When you are present & open & empty, begin to drip the wax onto the water. You will know when to stop, you will feel it, & when you do, place the candle in a holder & gaze into the bowl under the light of the candle. Gently open your mind to receive what lies upon the surface of the water, what lies beneath the surface. As information comes to you write it down without explanation or justification. When you have gathered all that you can, release your sacred space & allow the candle to burn down in a safe place. Pour the water with the wax into a river or the seas or a hole under a tree.

Follow up: About 3-9 hours after you have performed the above ceremony, revisit the information you found & begin to piece it all together.


Full Moon in Virgo

You will need: pen & paper, Moon offering (such as flowers or baked goods or menstrual blood)

Find a quiet place where you can stand undisturbed under the light of the Full Moon.

Stand with your bare feet on the Earth, your knees slightly bent, your tail bone tucked under, your spine straight, your fingertips reaching down, your shoulders rolled back,. your crown being pulled up… Focus on your breath. Feel the Earth reaching up to hold you.

Let your mind’s eye open to the bright, illuminated light that is the Full Moon, draw it down & into you, filling you until you too are aglow.

Send your mind over the physical world in which you dwell. Sort through all that is connected to you on this earthly plane of existence & ask yourself:

  • Does this reflect who I am?
  • Is this a representation of how I feel/think/work?
  • Can I survive without this?
  • What can this do for me?
  • How is this great realm of existence better for having me connected to this?

Then decide what must stay & what needs to go. Write them down.

When you have your list of things to be rid of, appeal to Grandmother Moon for assistance in removing those things from your life. Tell Her what you are willing to do in support of this. Then present Her with an offering & give thanks.

Be sure to follow-up on your part in this process & present Grandmother Moon with an offering every night until She disappears for this cycle.