MOON Gemini SUN Gemini

I have been lucky enough to be inspired again by Michelle Duke & her magickal herb mixes to develop a Dark Moon Rite that will connect me more intimately with my Fae-self, harnessing the energy of Gemini to explore integration of opposing forces within myself & release me into a more natural & magickal state. The artwork in the photograph above is by Justin Balmain. I will be performing this rite on Wednesday night the 28th of May at the Witching Hour (AEST).

Gather into your sacred space the following dried herbs in 4 separate dishes…

Lavender & Sage

Bay & Dragon’s Blood

Skullcap & Thyme

Mugwort & Vervain

You will also need 4 incense coals in 4 heat proof dishes, a green candle in an appropriate holder & a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of Poppyseeds steeping in it. If you are unable to ingest Poppyseeds then substitute with a herbal tea of your choice. A journal or paper, & a pen will also be required.

Face East, light your incense coal & add the lavender & sage. Send out your prayers to the Keepers there & sit quietly in contemplation of Air… of your Mind… of your Thoughts… of your Memories… Search for any imbalance in this area & decide where you can support a more balanced Mental Body. Write these instructions down.

Face North, light your incense coal & add the bay & dragon’s blood. Send out your prayers to the Keepers there & sit quietly in contemplation of Fire… of your Spirit… of your Crafts… of your Desires… Search for any imbalance in this area & decide where you can support a more balanced Spiritual Body. Write these instructions down.

Face West, light your incense coal & add the skullcap & thyme. Send out your prayers to the Keepers there & sit quietly in contemplation of Water… of your Heart… of your Wellbeing… of your Cycles… Search for any imbalance in this area & decide where you can support a more balanced Emotional Body. Write these instructions down.

Face South, light your incense coal & add the mugwort & vervain. Send out your prayers to the Keepers there & sit quietly in contemplation of Earth… of your Body… of your Health… of your Possessions… Search for any imbalance in this area & decide where you can support a more balanced Physical Body. Write these instructions down.

Move to the center, light the candle, drink the poppyseed elixir & prepare for an internal journey…

Find yourself in a Forest, take in all that you see & become one with the space you are in. Search for tracks or signs that will lead you to the nearest Fae community. When you arrive, ask for permission to meet with someone, giving your own name. When you are together be guided by your Fae Self, be open to sharing intimate thoughts & feelings, especially the ones that came up during the beginning of this rite. Let this interaction be natural & organic. When you are ready, be sure to give thanks. Return & record your experience in your journal straight away.

Release your circle in the way that you feel most comfortable.

Snuff out the candle & relight at any time that you can revisit the words you wrote during this rite, checking in to see how you are progressing.

Toss the incense dust to the winds as soon as you can.


Mabon Incense

This lovely blend was developed last Full Moon during a session with one of my students. She was put on the spot & asked to come up with an incense blend for Mabon without any warning & within a reasonable amount of time. Later, as it was burning, I was called so quickly to journey that I lay down & had a most amazing experience! Burn this blend when you wish to make haste through the veil & journey with whatever you are seeking clarity for…. Mabon blessings to you all.

Jianne’s Mabon Incense Blend – Cinnamon, Clove, Eyebright, Blue Cornflower, Damiana, Frankincense, Dalia, Geranium, Comfrey Root, Orris Root & Dragon’s Blood.


Sacred Balance

Sacred Balance is a place where you can position yourself in order to find stillness & gain perspective.


Imagine you are standing strong, tall & still in a void space. Find your centre point & allow every part of your body to be pulled towards this point. You do not need to physically move, just experience the sensation. When the energy of your centre becomes really strong, imagine that you have 2 orbs drawn towards you, with the orbs always at opposite ends of your auric space, never coming closer to each other, spinning around you with the force of the attraction to your centre point. These opposing forces are offering you their energy in their attempt to become one with you. Feel this energy entering your centre. These are completely opposing energies, but seem to find a way of connecting when they are inside of you. Experience this sensation. Note how it feels physically, emotionally, spiritually. The inner union of these opposing orbs is the perfect space to empty your mind & connect with your energetic form. Listen to the wisdom that will arise from this point. Allow it sink into your mind. When you are ready, release the orbs, relax your centre & come back.


MOON Virgo SUN Pisces

Having just finished my magickal workings for this Virgo Full Moon I sit now in reflection of the ebb & flow of life, seeing a strong connection to this fluctuating flow of all things & homeostasis. As a member of the Natural Therapies community I am continually looking at ways to make my Magickal & Muggle existences work holistically together, & I really see this concept of homeostasis as a key part of this connection.

Homeostasis is defined by Tortora & Derrickson in Principles of Anatomy & Physiology 11th ed., as ‘The condition in which the body’s internal environment remains relatively constant within physiological limits.’ This to me creates a system by which the body is limited with regards to its own ability to control internal processes. This seems to be a very orthodox medico idea, & one that I find reducing function to an action/reaction type model & doesn’t allow for miracles (magick).

Chambers 21st Century Dictionary states that homeostasis is the ‘tendency of an animal or organism to maintain a constant internal environment regardless of varying external conditions.’ This sets a better point of focus for me as it speaks of the stability & grounding that can be reflected via the hypothalamic homeostatic response of the body to its external world, something that I could certainly use in my healing practice as well as in my life.

Deepak Chopra, in his book Perfect Weight, says ‘Physiological balance is a function of intelligence.’ Now this idea of homeostasis is not only an action/reaction model, but opens the gateway for psychological control of managing the internal environment of the physical body. Deepak Chopra is such an empowering being…

All of these different ways of looking at homestasis creates within me this wonderful image of homestasis being much like a pendulum. The set point at which the pendulum can swing is the point of stasis that is desirable. If this set point can be consciously manipulated, as suggested by Deepak Chopra, then the body can be guided towards healing via the hypothalamus & using the body’s own resources to achieve optimal health. I like to call this Holistic Homeostasis.

So, back to my Magickal Muggle cross-road, I can use this information to create another dimension to the wheel of directions, celestial bodies, seasons, lunar aspects, elements, archetypes, deities, etc. When I stand at the centre point of all of these circles, cycles & polarities, I can see where the pendulum swings & I can guide the pendulum through different realms thus connecting  with any realm by whatever threads I see fit for healing work. Given this, if I can stand in the centre of a body (mine, yours, the Earth, a cockatoo, whatever the body) I am be able to induce homeostasis simply by connecting this body with whatever healing energy it needs coupled with the relevent natural therapy…. This is how I work as a holistic healer of the mind, the body, the spirit, the soul, the psyche.

In my language, I call this process Alignement.