Hedgewitchery Mentorship Program


The Hedgewitchery Mentorship program is open for enrolment!

This Mentorship program is for anyone who is connecting with themselves as a Spirit, anyone who is searching for something more than meets the eye in this vast & glorious world. You will be taken on a journey through the turn of one Wheel of the Year, a journey that will connect you to your Spirit, your path & your environment in a deep & profound way. It will equip you to maintain your own spiritual practice & inspire you to delve deeper into your own magickal gifts & sacred skills.

Your mentor will be The Lady Le Faye, founder of The Hedgewitchery. Known to friends & family as Alison, the Lady Le Faye has very strong connections to her ancestry. She is the Granddaughter of the now deceased Tribal Elder of the Karawara Islands, East New Britain Province PNG, & is the descendant of a long line of farming folk originating from Wales & England. She was raised to respect the laws of the land, the spirit of the Creator & the importance of holding ceremonial space. Alison began her training as a Hedgewitch 25 years ago at the age of 16 & was under the guidance of her Shamanic mentor for the past 5 years. In her role at The Hedgewitchery, she provides community based rituals, this mentorship program & various spiritual teachings. Alison has had formal training in Reiki, Aromatherapy, Western Medical Herbalism, and Homeopathic First Aid & has a current First Aid Certificate. She is also a qualified Nutritionist.

During the course of this Year & A Day (one full turn of the Wheel of the Year) you will be connected with your broadest self, your various guides, guards & guardians, your personal internal world, your own ancestral ritual & magick, your innate magickal gifts & talents, & your sacred skills.

Beginning at April 30, you will be invited to attend Dark Moon & Full Moon circles, any Wheel of the Year Festivals & a minimum of 2 face to face or skype sessions with The Lady Le Faye (at a time that suits you both) every month. Upon completion of your Year & A Day journey, you will be initiated into Hedgewitchcraft & ready to step out on your own & explore the magickal world that surrounds you.

The cost is $150 per month, payment plans can be arranged.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to call or email me.

0431628957         alison@thehedgewitchery.com

There is a limited number of places for each intake so please register your interest as soon as possible.


MOON Capricorn SUN Capricorn


Today, through the Balsamic phase, I have been preparing for this ending/beginning by cleansing & clearing.

The intention for my workings this evening when the Moon turns New is to release unwanted habits, boost my resources & commit to a clear & solid path.

My rite will include:

  • cleansing my self & my magickal items,
  • a journey to visit with my Spirit Self in order to decipher what habits are needing to be broken,
  • a brainstorm of my skills & abilities & how I can utilise them to benefit my family/community/self,
  • a pathway tarot reading.

Once this is done & to encourage the realignment of my mind/body connection & support the settling in of my new path, I will spend the next few days conducting my physical actions in the opposite way. For example, brushing my teeth with the other hand, walking a different way to the shop, eating my breakfast for dinner & my dinner for breakfast, etc.

After a few days of this, perhaps when the Moon is waxing in Taurus, I will give myself another pathway reading & then, using quill & parchment, I will write a “To Do” list.

Happy Moontide folks!


MOON Sagittarius SUN Gemini

This moontide is inspiring me to create a Follow My Bliss potion so this will be the central aspect of my Full Moon Rite. Thanks to Michelle Duke once again for you herb & essential oil contributions. I will perform this rite as the Moon rises full in Sagittarius on Friday the 13th of June (AEST).

In preparation for this rite, I will be soaking in a bath with the following salt mix- half a cup of red rock salts, 1 tablespoon of epsom salts, 6 drops of Jasmine essential oil, 3 drops of Bergamot essential oil & 3 drops of Ylang-ylang essential oil.

You will need…

a bowl of sacred water (preferably from a natural source or at the very least filtered & blessed)

a bowl of herbs (fresh or dried)- Nutmeg, Basil, Damiana, Patchouli, Dragon’s Blood, Rose Geranium & Mint

stones- a mixture of light & dark coloured stones

a small red candle

incense blend of mugwort & wormwood

The rite…

Gather all of the items along with some matches into the center of your space.

Create your sacred space in the way that you are most comfortable with.

Light the red candle & the incense. Sit holding the dark stones in your dominant hand & the light ones in the other. Let your mind clear of any external flirts & relax your physical self into your sitting position. Breath deep & slow… Allow yourself to dream up your most blissful moment, hold that feeling & send it into the stones that you are holding. Place the stones into the center & take the bowl of herbs, cradling them in your hands & resting them in your lap.

Gaze into the bowl of herbs & play out the story that will bring you the most bliss, be thorough, let the impossible become possible & unfold your perfect scenario. When you are done, bring the bowl to your nose & slowly breath in the aroma of the herbs contained within it, then whisper into the bowl…

Sacred herbs, your bodies mix

Come together in perfect bliss

Contained to play & dream & grow

Through your magick let bliss be known

Place the bowl of herbs back into the center & add more incense to your coal. Look deep into the bowl of water as you say…

Sacred water I see you

I ask for vision, pure & true

Let me see the life I crave

So perfect action can be made

Then, let your mind be empty & discover what is hidden there in the water, your active role to play in the fulfillment of your bliss.

Now take the herbs & pour them into the water & say…

Let this union be met with joy

And under this Moon you work deployed

And through my feet I set the change

Together weaving bliss into this life again

Give thanks & open your space in the way that you feel most comfortable with. Allow the candle to burn out on its own.

Take the bowl of water with the herbs in it outside to sit under the moon for the night & circle it with the stones.

In the morning, strain the water into a bottle… This is your Follow My Bliss potion. Store this bottle in the circle of stones.

Collect together the strained herbs, the candle stub & the incense dust & bury them or burn them within 7 days of your rite.


Mabon Incense

This lovely blend was developed last Full Moon during a session with one of my students. She was put on the spot & asked to come up with an incense blend for Mabon without any warning & within a reasonable amount of time. Later, as it was burning, I was called so quickly to journey that I lay down & had a most amazing experience! Burn this blend when you wish to make haste through the veil & journey with whatever you are seeking clarity for…. Mabon blessings to you all.

Jianne’s Mabon Incense Blend – Cinnamon, Clove, Eyebright, Blue Cornflower, Damiana, Frankincense, Dalia, Geranium, Comfrey Root, Orris Root & Dragon’s Blood.


The Witchy Blog Award

This was passed to me via http://bookofeucalypt.wordpress.com/ & I am supporting the writing of the Word Smiths from our Magickal community by passing it along. The words & art that follow are not mine except for the answers the 7 questions & the 5 nominated blogs (please scoll to the bottom for links to these wonderful writers).

Seven Questions:

  • How did you “discover” Wicca/witchcraft?

I feel like I always new… Can’t really pinpoint a discovery moment. It became formalised for me at 16 when I bought my first deck of Tarot cards (The Herbal Tarot – http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/herbal/).

  • Do you grow herbs?

Yes, several! And I use them in so many ways.

  • Are you “in the broom closet”? If not, share your coming out experience

No, I am clearly a wytch, all who enter my space are able to see it. As this has been my path since I was a teenager everyone knows but not all of them want to know so unless they ask I do not elaborate. This is because usually when I tell people there is a moment of pause followed either by many questions or an uncomfortable change of subject.

  • What tradition do you follow?

I am a Shamanic Wytch & draw my training from every spiritual teacher that will share with me. I have a very deep connection to Ancestral Magick.

  • Do you consider yourself a witch, Wiccan or Pagan (or maybe something else?)

As I said above, I am a Shamanic Wytch.

  • How much of witchcraft/Wicca are you able to incorporate into your everyday life?

Every breath, every word, every sensation, every movement, eveything I do every day is steeped in Magick.

  • Do you have a familiar? If you do, tell us how you meet him/her and how s/he takes part in your practice (if at all)

I have a cat named Juniper who was gifted to me by another witch. She is my third cat familiar in this life time. She is drawn to any magick work that I do & is often quite giving of her energy during the process.


Merry Meet!

Today is a very special day. Not only is it Samhain, the most important Sabbat on the Wiccan Wheel of the year, but it is also the unveiling of a project Cassandra and I have been working on for a couple of months. Over the past weeks, we have both been graced with several blogging awards, but we couldn’t help but notice that none of the awards floating around were Wiccan in nature. And so, the idea was born to create an award specifically for Wiccans/Pagans/witches.

Thus the purpose of this award is to bring positive recognition to those bloggers who share their experiences on the less-traveled path, whether in the form of a journal or by standing up for themselves and others. Our award logo was a collaborate endeavor made with love that we are both very proud of. So without any further ado, onward to the details of the newest award to find its way to the blogsphere!

The Rules:

  • Post the award logo within your blog post
  • Thank the blogger who passed the award to you
  • Answer the seven questions below
  • Nominate five Wiccan/Pagan bloggers (If you don’t know five other Wiccan bloggers, nominate as many as you can)
  • Notify your nominees of their pending award
  • Give a short description of the blog/blogger and why you nominated them
  • Stop by Ayslyn’s Corner and Book of Shadows to add your name to the list of bloggers awarded
  • You may customize the questions as long as they are still Wiccan- and Pagan-related

The blogs I would like to nominate are-