Introducing Daily Reads…

I am happy to announce that I now offer daily reads! There is finally enough time in my day to share with those who are on their spiritual journey to healing & growth. If I could, I would do tarot readings all day because I feel open & available as soon as I start to shuffle, which is uplifting & deliciously invigorating. After working with a number of clients in doing these distance readings, I am very confident in my ability to receive & express the answers that they seek.

The Daily Reads involve you asking a question which is answered for you via a tarot reading summarised & sent to you email address the following day. You may require this service for a week, a month, or even a year, & if you are stuck for a question, there is always something waiting for you in the other realms so you won’t be disappointed.

Email before the end of February for details of a special introductory offer,

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MOON Capricorn SUN Aquarius

Exploring a beautiful, temperate rain forest in a small valley upon a mountain top as the Sun rises is a most magickal experience. This is how it goes for me…

Upon entering the Kingdom of Macedon Mountain, Black Cockatoo flew over & proceeded to kept watch over the entire journey. Their perimeter is wide & high, keeping check of all boundaries in their path. I see now that they were in fact offering protection & guidance. The lesson of Black Cockatoo is closely aligned to my own path within the Shadow Realms so I was grateful for their presence & well aware of the gifts they were sharing with me.

The journey to the top of the Mountain is relatively easy & leads to the Valley of the Rain Forest. The Valley path has two Kookaburra sentries. They tell me that the forest is going to offer insight into my own personal healing… Perfect!

The first lesson along the path was Red Kangaroo. His teaching was clear & rang true through my entire being. He reflected the need for me to look at my ability to respond to my environment. Before I act, do I consider all perspectives of a situation? When I heal, do I cover all possible outcomes? When I protect, am I dampening a valuable experience? When I energize, am I aligned ethically? This lesson will be slowly integrated through my personal healing work. I give thanks to Red Kangaroo for his wisdom.

Sandpiper watched my journey for a time before taking flight to a Gum tree above her pond. She was so beautiful & captured my eye for quite a while. As we connected with each other, she showed me (by the ponds edge) her way of earthing energy. I was amazed & will be trying this technique in my next circle. Blessing on the Sandpiper for her insight.

Upon leaving the Valley, a strong warning was sounded by the presence of Leeches. They are reminding me that I will support the healing energy that I direct to myself & others by being aware of the attachments that are already taking my sacred life force from me. Do they have my permission? Have I made agreements that are now outdated? Am I holding magicks for others that no longer need to be held? Thank you, Leech Family, for bringing to my awareness the need for an exploration of the webs that I am woven into & a re-evaluation of the connections I have made.

The healing opportunities of the Valley of the Rain Forest were rich & powerful… & overwhelming. Following the Left-Hand Path around the top of the Mountain, Peacock crossed me. He had obviously had a rough time & a lot of his beautiful feathers had been damaged. Looking on him I realised that my integrity was the focal point for the healing I am to do with myself. This is the filter & the funnel point through which the lessons of the Valley can flow, enhancing the healing potential & becoming more manageable. I will send this healing back to Peacock as he heals from his own ordeals.

The journey out of the Mountain Kingdom was not so easy… The roads shifted around, commanding surrender to the flow of gravity down the Mountain side. I now know that yielding to this path was essential. Rosella appeared & made me aware that I was surrounded by large Quartz boulders & so many Butterflies. The healing, grounding & transformative power of this experience was beyond anything I had anticipated or expected. Leaving the Kingdom, I felt like a new person, charged with much work to do & the ability to do it.

At the base of the Mountain & just beyond the borders of the Kingdom, I sat with my Familiar from the Standing People (Oak) by a lake full of Geese & Ducks & Water Fowl, pondering… Looking onto this scene, I think on the pretense of my journey – did I have expectations? I did; to swing the cycle of Water back into alignment with Air & Earth & Fire. Sitting with my wise, old Familiar I was shown the Gateway through which I must now go & given the Key to allow me access (Willow Wand).

And just when I thought the teaching was done for the morning, a flock of 200 or more Corellas caught my eye – what a sight! I thank them for sinking my lessons deep into my consciousness & my sub consciousness & my many altered consciousness states of being. )O(

MOON Libra SUN Aquarius

The lessons of the Hawk have been mine during the Libra Moon… Although this Luna aspect has now passed, I feel the need to place myself there again for a moment of perspective.

When Hawk arrived, a couple of Luna cycles ago, I set it aside; put it in my “TO DO” pile. This meant that I was giving the control of the timing over; to whom I know not but in whom I trust. The time was Lammas.

When White Buffalo Calf Woman came to me She offered me clarity of purpose & set me on a course which I now recognise was in accordance with Hawk medicine.

Snake helped me to shed the past. This is a frighteneing process, it left me feeling naked & raw & exposed. This process is also enlightening, as it offered me insight & depth & truth. I honour Snake as my Great Grandfather, Pupiongon- the God of my Mothers people.

Gaia held my hand & supported me. In doing so, She took all of me into Herself. I became an aspect of Her. It gave me the perspective of Her position, which is a consciousness of a wider circle than my own. This too brought forth fears & insights without discretion. She gave birth to me, offering me a new name & a soliditiy to my current aspect. Her body is now a realm which I have accesss to at will. I honour Gaia as the Mother of us all & the Womb through which all wombs are connected.

In exchange for this surrendering of my self,  I have been gifted White Buffalo skin, a shrowd that I am now able to wear as I stand in my new form. My new form is ready to embrace the work ahead. I feel blessed & honoured with my calling & I face it with strength & courage & integrity.

Hawk has opened me to a process of rebirth; a deep, steadying process which brought about an intense healing. The Hawk is swift & subtle in its action, for which I am grateful. Hawk has gifted me with VISION & POWER & MAJESTY & FEARLESSNESS. My Spirit is at home. )O(


I have entered into the teachings of White Buffalo Calf Woman. I made not the decision, it was gifted to me.

She entered my life, singing her sacred songs to the 7 gates. I heard her voice  & listened… I sat to wait for her under the Red Willow Tree watching her honour the Medicine Wheel. I sat for a very long time. It was as though she did not know of my existence. I was an Ant walking the path formed by a crack in the bark of the Red Willow Tree. I was the gentle breeze that blew, invisible & omnipresent. I was the call of the Eagle, way up high, circling Sky, a speck to the eye. I was the Red Willow Tree when she came to me, singing the medicine that would heal Mother Earth. I stood very still to listen. I allowed her message to vibrate deep into my roots & high into my branches. She sang on & on until her song burst forth from my Tree body & entered the consciousness of all people. As she sang I knew that I had been called to this task. I feel honoured & blessed.

I ask our cousin Lizard to take this dreaming that is now within the consciousness of all people & gently allow it to surface for the sake of all things. )O(

MOON Pisces SUN Aquarius

Points that radiate outwardly coupled with points that radiate inwardly require each other for balance, such as the North & South Poles, Winter & Summer, Dark Moon & Full Moon. Establishing where your unique position is in relation to these points is the place where the key may be used to unlock the gateway & explore the realm beyond. Look to the crossing of the theoretical line between the various opposing points in your external world for the centre point of your momentary position. The more sets of points you have increases the odds of locating the True Current Momentary Mid-Point & determines the amount of control you have over the realm made available to you beyond the gateway. )O(

Balsamic Moon approaching Litha

There is a moment before transformation when the realisation that nothing will ever be as it was before hits & sinks… It is heavy & it can be dark. It usually manifests as headaches or blocked ears for me, but the general gist is that there is discomfort & resistance representing the final stand or challenge which, ultimately, leads to transfiguration. )O(