A Magickal Life: Herbal Basics

Connecting to the Kingdom of Plants is essential in my work as they bring such a grounded & mystical energy to all that I do. The generosity of Plants is always captivating to me & in this course I hope to share some of my joy at working with them to all who attend.

A Magickal Life: Herbal Basics takes the seeker on a journey into the realm of plants with the intention of understanding their own unique connection to this realm & how they may be able to honour & share the bounty of the beings that dwell within it.

We will be crafting incense blends, annointing oils, fluid condensers & balms, as well as taking a close study of several plants with regards to their magickal properties. Safe practices will of course be discussed.

This course will be run during the month of August in four 3 hour long sessions in Melbourne, Australia. If you are interested or have any questions please email alison@thehedgewitchery.com