Eclipse of Sun in Gemini

This ritual will align you with the energies available during this eclipse (9:53am Monday 21st May 2012). I will be performing this spell at midnight on the 20th. Whatever time suits you is fine.

This is a simple internal process that is intended to connect you with your Sacred Point of View & to bring this into balance with the way you view your future self.

You will need

  • A tea light candle (3hr)
  • A pen
  • 2 pieces of paper


Light your candle & as you light it reflect on all that you have to be grateful for.

Take the pen & hold it high above you saying:

This pen will only write the truth as I know it be

Then take the pieces of paper, one in each hand in front of you, & say:

This paper will only reflect what I need to see that will bring me my Dreams

On one piece of paper answer the following questions:

In what way do I create division by denying the beliefs of others?

What is the difference between who I was & who I am?

What is the difference between what I show & what I hide?

What is the difference between what I say & what I do?

When you have finished, read back over your answers slowly & carefully.

Take the other piece of paper & answer the following question:

How can I change the way that I judge myself & others to support the journey towards my future self?

Burn the first piece of paper & blow the ashes towards the West.

Fold the second piece of paper & place it in a sacred place in the East.

Allow the candle to burn out naturally.