MOON Capricorn SUN Aquarius

Exploring a beautiful, temperate rain forest in a small valley upon a mountain top as the Sun rises is a most magickal experience. This is how it goes for me…

Upon entering the Kingdom of Macedon Mountain, Black Cockatoo flew over & proceeded to kept watch over the entire journey. Their perimeter is wide & high, keeping check of all boundaries in their path. I see now that they were in fact offering protection & guidance. The lesson of Black Cockatoo is closely aligned to my own path within the Shadow Realms so I was grateful for their presence & well aware of the gifts they were sharing with me.

The journey to the top of the Mountain is relatively easy & leads to the Valley of the Rain Forest. The Valley path has two Kookaburra sentries. They tell me that the forest is going to offer insight into my own personal healing… Perfect!

The first lesson along the path was Red Kangaroo. His teaching was clear & rang true through my entire being. He reflected the need for me to look at my ability to respond to my environment. Before I act, do I consider all perspectives of a situation? When I heal, do I cover all possible outcomes? When I protect, am I dampening a valuable experience? When I energize, am I aligned ethically? This lesson will be slowly integrated through my personal healing work. I give thanks to Red Kangaroo for his wisdom.

Sandpiper watched my journey for a time before taking flight to a Gum tree above her pond. She was so beautiful & captured my eye for quite a while. As we connected with each other, she showed me (by the ponds edge) her way of earthing energy. I was amazed & will be trying this technique in my next circle. Blessing on the Sandpiper for her insight.

Upon leaving the Valley, a strong warning was sounded by the presence of Leeches. They are reminding me that I will support the healing energy that I direct to myself & others by being aware of the attachments that are already taking my sacred life force from me. Do they have my permission? Have I made agreements that are now outdated? Am I holding magicks for others that no longer need to be held? Thank you, Leech Family, for bringing to my awareness the need for an exploration of the webs that I am woven into & a re-evaluation of the connections I have made.

The healing opportunities of the Valley of the Rain Forest were rich & powerful… & overwhelming. Following the Left-Hand Path around the top of the Mountain, Peacock crossed me. He had obviously had a rough time & a lot of his beautiful feathers had been damaged. Looking on him I realised that my integrity was the focal point for the healing I am to do with myself. This is the filter & the funnel point through which the lessons of the Valley can flow, enhancing the healing potential & becoming more manageable. I will send this healing back to Peacock as he heals from his own ordeals.

The journey out of the Mountain Kingdom was not so easy… The roads shifted around, commanding surrender to the flow of gravity down the Mountain side. I now know that yielding to this path was essential. Rosella appeared & made me aware that I was surrounded by large Quartz boulders & so many Butterflies. The healing, grounding & transformative power of this experience was beyond anything I had anticipated or expected. Leaving the Kingdom, I felt like a new person, charged with much work to do & the ability to do it.

At the base of the Mountain & just beyond the borders of the Kingdom, I sat with my Familiar from the Standing People (Oak) by a lake full of Geese & Ducks & Water Fowl, pondering… Looking onto this scene, I think on the pretense of my journey – did I have expectations? I did; to swing the cycle of Water back into alignment with Air & Earth & Fire. Sitting with my wise, old Familiar I was shown the Gateway through which I must now go & given the Key to allow me access (Willow Wand).

And just when I thought the teaching was done for the morning, a flock of 200 or more Corellas caught my eye – what a sight! I thank them for sinking my lessons deep into my consciousness & my sub consciousness & my many altered consciousness states of being. )O(