I have entered into the teachings of White Buffalo Calf Woman. I made not the decision, it was gifted to me.

She entered my life, singing her sacred songs to the 7 gates. I heard her voice  & listened… I sat to wait for her under the Red Willow Tree watching her honour the Medicine Wheel. I sat for a very long time. It was as though she did not know of my existence. I was an Ant walking the path formed by a crack in the bark of the Red Willow Tree. I was the gentle breeze that blew, invisible & omnipresent. I was the call of the Eagle, way up high, circling Sky, a speck to the eye. I was the Red Willow Tree when she came to me, singing the medicine that would heal Mother Earth. I stood very still to listen. I allowed her message to vibrate deep into my roots & high into my branches. She sang on & on until her song burst forth from my Tree body & entered the consciousness of all people. As she sang I knew that I had been called to this task. I feel honoured & blessed.

I ask our cousin Lizard to take this dreaming that is now within the consciousness of all people & gently allow it to surface for the sake of all things. )O(